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Andy Hoffman

Andy Hoffman

Marketing Director

Andy CFA joined Miles Franklin as Marketing Director in October 2011. Prior to joining the company, he spent 16 years on Wall Street, and five in the mining business. He has been writing free missives about Precious Metals, markets, and economics since 2004.

Historically Bullish Precious Metal Fundamentals, Versus Historical Bearish Oil Fundamentals

It’s my last article before Thanksgiving – though I’ll still tape my weekly Kerry Lutz podcast tomorrow morning; and thus, I intend to make it a good one.  In which, I’m going to do some actual financial analysis – like I did on Wall Street for 15 years, using my finance degree, Chartered Financial Analyst designation, experience, and logic.  Which sadly, is not just a dying art, but long dead – care of the commandeering of financial markets, unleashing of Central bank printing presses, and propaganda from the “evil troika” of  Washington, and Wall Street, in an effort to milk a dying monetary regime dry, at the expense of world’s “99%.” Let’s face it, the post-Trump market manipulations have stair-stepped to a new level of ignominy, to the point that whatever hope of market “credibility” has been permanently destroyed.  In other words, economic fundamentals has never been more detached from asset valuations – certainly in the rigged paper markets; as well as a number of physical markets as well, such as crude oil and Precious Metals.  Not that $48 oil is so “great,” as entire nations are going bankrupt as a result (hence, creation of the not-so-covert “oil PPT” this year,...

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What will happen next Wednesday with Andrew Hoffman: Bond/Currency Carnage continues Historically bullish PM fundamentals, versus historically bearish oil fundamentals Post-Trump market lunacy – the Cartel never met a thinly traded pre-Thanksgiving trading day it...

Rigged; Fake; And Shortly, Forever Discredited

Care of WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Project Veritas, and countless other whistleblowers in the modern age of hacking and global information dissemination (not to mention, the Miles Franklin Blog), the world is on a rapid “learning curve” of the public and private...

America being torn apart politically, economically, and socially Economic destruction of post-Trump markets, and impossibility of Trump making good on promises Indian cash ban, extremely ominous Monte Paschi bail-in, Italian referendum, etc. PM smash, outlook...

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